Former star Fred Savage has given up on his longtime practice of getting co-stars to sign his scripts after sexy singer Beyonce Knowles shamed him out of it.

Savage has long enjoyed making his personal copies of scripts special by having them signed by his colleagues, but drew an end to it after he and CRAZY IN LOVE hitmaker Knowles co-starred in the 2002 comedy Austin Powers in GOLDMEMBER.

He says, "I always save my script. Before Austin Powers, I thought it would be a great memento to have everyone sign it.

"Then I asked Beyonce and she said, 'God, that's great. What charity are you doing this for?' And I'm like, 'Um, it's kind of just for me.' She was like, 'Wow. How nice.'

"So I don't do that anymore."

09/01/2004 19:34