Rocker Fred Durst has spoken glowingly of a new special lady in his life - but he won't reveal her identity.

The Limp Bizkit frontman - who claimed he had an affair with BRITNEY SPEARS earlier this year (03) - has raised eyebrows with his revelations however, as he has recently waxed lyrical about kissing Bond girl Halle Berry in the video for his latest single BEHIND BLUE EYES.

Durst, who flew out to Vancouver, Canada to visit Berry on the set of new movie GOTHIKA this week (24SEP03), says, "Something has happened to me recently and I'm really at a different place.

"Someone has come into my life that I really feel like, for once in my life, that I really, really bond with like I've never bonded with anybody."

The singer has refused to name his new lady - but when contacted by gossip website PAGE SIX, Berry's spokesman laughed off suggestions that it could be his client, insisting she's very happy with husband Eric Benet.

The rep added of Durst, "They are acquaintances, I don't know if they are good friends."

26/09/2003 13:32