Rocker Fred Durst tried to seduce teen pop star Avril Lavigne by buying her fast food - and was furious when she rebuffed him.

The COMPLICATED beauty, 19, was backstage at a recent Metallica concert when she encountered lusty Durst, who turned on the charm when she complained of being hungry.

But, despite purchasing the grungy youngster multiple hamburgers, Durst's next meeting with Avril didn't lead to a steamy encounter in the bedroom - much to his obvious chagrin.

Avril says, "I mentioned to Fred that I was hungry, like, 'I want an IN-N-OUT burger.'

"He had someone go out and get me a whole box of them, with fries. I was like, 'Yeah!.'

"Then he took a private jet out to one of my shows, expecting me to bang him. He was disappointed that I wouldn't even go near him.

"He was a little pi**ed that I went to my room alone that night."

Avril is not the first sexy singer to enchant the amorous Limp Bizkit frontman. He claims to having a raunchy fling with superstar Britney Spears while working on her recent album, a story she vehemently denies.

03/06/2004 13:48