A masterfully edited montage of dance scenes from some 40 movies set to Kenny Loggins's recording of "Footloose," has quickly gone viral on YouTube, moving past the 2-million mark on Wednesday as it currently collects more than 200,000 additional viewers per day. The unidentified uploader apparently adjusted the speed of each clip so that the performers, who range from Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly to Michael Jackson and the cast of High School Musical , all appear to be dancing precisely to the beat of "Footloose." While a notice appears at the end of the 4 45-length video acknowledging that "Copyright remains with the respective owners," the creators appear to be taking no chances that they'll be sued for copyright infringement. An opening credit attributes the film to a company called Media Solutions. However, while two separate companies with that name sell various services on the Internet, a Google search brings up nothing about a production company with that name.