Former Frasier star Bebe Neuwirth is set to return to Broadway, New York to make Chicago history. The Tony Award-winning actress will played ingenue ROXIE HART onstage from 31 December (06) to 25 March (07), making it the first time an actress has played both starring roles in the musical. Neuwirth played villainous VELMA KELLY in the original company of the revival. The actress has previously played both Roxie and Velma in the London staging of the show. Meanwhile, Neuwirth will also take the stage in the musical on 14 November when the show celebrates its 10th anniversary on Broadway with a gala performance at the Ambassador Theatre, featuring members of the original cast and other Chicago alumni such as Brooke Shields, Marilu Henner, Melanie Griffith and former Dukes Of Hazzard star TOM WOPAT.