Former Frasier star Kelsey Grammer has renewed his love for the high seas after buying a small sailboat - for quirky SHAKESPEARE recitals. The actor became a fan of sailing in his teens but he was forced to put his passion on hold when he and his wife Camille started planning a family. But now she has started hitting the waves with Grammer. He says, "For a few years I didn't sail. My wife and I were busy having children, but just a couple of few months ago she finally said, `Why don't you start sailing again.' "She has joined me and I'm trying to teach her how to sail - tie knots and things like that." Grammer admits he loves the tranquility he finds when he's miles away from land - and uses the peace and quiet to revisit his favourite Shakespeare lines. He explains, "I get a bit crazy out on the water; I recite Shakespeare... Those sails get up, it's quiet, it's powerful, nature is filling my spirit and I'll do things like Henry V." Grammer has christened his new boat The B.I.O.Y.A. K, which stands for "Blow It Out Your Ass, Kelsey." He adds, "It reminds me not to take myself too seriously."