Former Frasier star Kelsey Grammer has blamed his near-fatal heart attack on stress.
The 54 year old's heart stopped while he was paddle boarding in Hawaii last June (08) and just six weeks later he suffered another medical emergency when he checked back into the hospital feeling faint.
Grammer initially believed the heart attack was caused by poor diet habits but test results showed the star's arteries were free from blockages and his cholesterol levels were normal.
Now the star is convinced the health scare was the result of stress, prompted by the cancellation of his 2008 TV series Back To You.
He explains, "There is obviously some connection to one's life and the stress that takes place in one's life. I had an event they think was stress related. You can make of that what you will."
But the actor has taken the setback as an opportunity to re-evaluate his life and concentrate on improving his health.
He adds, "It was not a great year. Maybe it was my time to get re-tooled a bit. It was probably a great thing. I am now healthier, stronger, faster. Things are really looking good."
Grammer is preparing to star as a businessman in upcoming sitcom Hank, scheduled to air on U.S. TV in September (09).