Former Frasier star Kelsey Grammer hides a dark secret - he once shot a man. The actor reveals the accident happened when he was onstage in a play called Wild Oats in New Mexico - and he became a little trigger happy. He recalls, "I rehearsed every night at home with a six-shooter and I bought five alarm clocks and I set them at different times during the evening and when one would go off, I'd come out of the leather (draw gun quickly from its holster). "So I got this reflex down pretty well and the very first night when we had an audience, I was supposed to pull the pistols out and do a couple of gun tricks. "But I had gotten so used to this move... you pull the hammers back as you come out of the leather and you just let 'em go, so that's what I did." Grammer peppered his co-star David Brooks with gunpowder, but still felt the actor was hamming it up as he staggered and fell. He adds, "I said, 'No, no, David, you've got to stop...'" Fortunately, no bullet was involved, and Brooks recovered from the shock of being shot.