Former Frasier star Kelsey Grammer is grateful to get another chance to be a good dad, because he fears divorce robbed him of the joys of fatherhood the first time round. The actor, 53, admits he's still "repairing" his relationship with 23-year-old Spencer and teenager Greer, but he plans to be the best dad to his kids with current wife Camille, daughter Mason, six, and son Jude, three. Grammer tells Ladies Home Journal magazine, "My relationship with my first two daughters is complicated because of the rancorous divorces. That's life. "If I can be of help to them, I will be and there's still repairing that needs to be done. "But I would never let that jeopardise what I have with my two little ones. I'm a devoted slob to them and available physically and emotionally. I'm the father I always wanted to be."