Frasier stars Kelsey Grammer, David Hyde Pierce and John Mahoney were reunited last week (ends04MAR07), after an American newspaper brought the three actors together for a photoshoot. The actors, who appeared on the American sitcom as radio psychiatrist FRASIER CRANE, his meek brother NILES, and their long-suffering father MARTY respectively, are all appearing in separate New York stage productions, but due to their busy work schedules, have yet to see each other's shows. Hyde Pierce says, "We're in rehearsals and performances, so we haven't got time to see anyone doing anything. "By the time you get to the end of a rehearsal day, you just want to lay down and die!" The 47-year-old is currently appearing in musical CURTAINS, while former co-star Mahoney is on stage in PRELUDE TO A KISS, and Grammer is preparing for his role as HENRY HIGGINS in the New York Philharmonic's version of My Fair Lady.