Rockers Franz Ferdinand missed their chance to perform live with T.I. after the rapper cut short a gig because of his court-imposed curfew.
The Take Me Out hitmakers recently played back-up for T.I., who is due to begin a prison sentence this year (09), on his single Live Your Life while onstage at the Diesel xXx party in New York in October (08).
The band desperately wanted the hip-hop star to repay the favour by rapping over their track Ulysses - but his federal curfew ruled he couldn't stay out late.
Drummer Paul Thomson says, "He was going to do it but had to go home. He had to be tucked up in bed by 2am because of the curfew."
T.I. was sentenced to jail time after pleading guilty to illegal possession of three machine guns and two silencers following his 2007 arrest.