Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos refused to let Kate Moss into his dressing room, when the supermodel "desperately" tried to spend time with the Scottish singer.

The TAKE ME OUT star, 32, met the English beauty briefly at a concert last year (04) and was surprised a few weeks later, when the 31-year-old tried to see him alone.

Kapranos says, "I first met Kate at the Astoria in London last year. She was really cool and good company.

"But a few weeks later I gather she was knocking on our dressing room door in New York trying to get in.

"We'd just come off stage and were really knackered so we didn't let anyone in - not even her.

"People have said she was desperate to meet me. I must be the only man to turn down a supermodel."

09/02/2005 09:07