Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos was detained in Russia last month (MAY05) after being mistaken for a renegade British spy.

The Scottish rockers - who had earlier performed to a sell-out crowds in St Petersburg and Moscow - were due to fly from Domodedovo airport, Moscow, to New York to work on their second album.

But while bandmembers BOB HARDY, PAUL THOMSON and NICK McCARTHY all successfully checked in, officials detained the singer after believing they had him on an American "no fly" list.

The mistake occurred because Kapranos' passport is in the name of ALEX HUNTLEY - his mother's maiden name, the same name used by former MI6 agent RICHARD TOMLINSON whilst on a previous mission in Russia.

Kapranos says, "It was very unsettling. I could tell it was serious.

"There were guys in uniform milling around. It was bizarre."

The TAKE ME OUT singer was released after an hour and boarded his flight without delay, after officials firmly established he did not fit the description of the runaway spy.

19/06/2005 14:01