Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos called for the British government to financially support struggling musicians, during a lecture at Scotland's Edinburgh University last night (02FEB05).

The TAKE ME OUT star believes struggling artists would have a better chance of success with assistance from politicians.

Kapranos said, "I don't know if having tea with politicians is always a good idea. I think the role of musicians is to question politicians rather than to go to bed with them.

"I know a lot of bands and groups who have existed in Scotland in the past who have had great potential but who have collapsed because they've been unable to afford to get beyond those very basic stages of playing in the local pub, and maybe with a little bit of investment that could be a different state.

"I'm not saying... I am not calling for anybody who claims to be a musician to be given handouts of money to go and spend on whatever they want. I am thinking a more structured and thought out approach would be more beneficial.

"For any cultural output to thrive there needs to be some kind of state input to that as well. There are elements of our musical output which require sustenance because they aren't self-sufficient. But so-called commercial music would benefit from investment as well."

03/02/2005 14:08