Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos has attacked his former record company ROADRUNNER RECORDS, and encouraged fans to illegally download an album he recorded on the label.

Kapranos is angry Roadrunner are trying to cash in on his success with Franz Ferdinand by releasing an LP his former group THE KARELIA recorded in 1997 - before they were ditched by the label.

So he wants fans, eager to get their hands on DIVORCE AT HIGH NOON, to get the album for free on the internet.

Kapranos says, "It's a bit strange to see Roadrunner re-releasing it now and making a big fanfare.

"There's something that doesn't sit quite right, because they dropped us and deleted us from their back catalogue and website - they completely deleted all trace of us.

"Do you want to know the honest truth? I'd rather people downloaded it from the internet than brought it off them."

16/03/2005 13:58