Franz Ferdinand have been giving more details about their forthcoming album, which hits the shops later this month.

The Scottish band have already said the new record - TONIGHT: FRANZ FERDINAND - will be more dancefloor-orientated than its predecessor.

It has been produced by Dan Carey, whose past credits include HOT CHIP, Kylie Minogue and Zero 7's SIA.

Frontman Alex Kapranos said the choice of producer allowed them to experiment more, giving their sound more urgency.

"I want the adrenaline to come squirting through your bloodstream when you listen to this record and yeah, it is a dance floor record, it's supposed to move you physically," he explained.

The album was recorded in an old town hall in Glasgow, which Kapranos said was another factor in the overall sound.

He added: "There's a cellar with brick walls and lots of junk and metal around it, which sounds good for full-on rock 'n' roll."

TONIGHT: FRANZ FERDINAND is scheduled for release on January 26th.

16/01/2009 11:43:23