Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos has gone back to his culinary roots, by becoming a food columnist for a British newspaper.

Earlier this month (SEP05), the TAKE ME OUT rocker started a weekly gig as a food critic in The Guardian newspaper, in a column called Soundbites.

The former chef wrote in his introductory column, "Over the last couple of years, the group has taken me around the world two and a half times. Sometimes I eat appallingly, sometimes phenomenally. I never eat predictably...

"I've chipped my molars on tiny pearls from mussels in Brussels. I've been poisoned by a mole from a Mexico City convent. I've eaten alligator sausage in New Orleans, and eaten blinis in what were once KGB offices in St Petersburg."

Kapranos will use his band's world tour as an opportunity to get information for his column, which is published every Friday.