Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos has slammed music mogul Simon Cowell and pop hunk Gareth Gates for killing the music industry's credibility.

The Scottish hunk brands Pop Idol musicians "boring" and hopes that by winning this year's (04) Mercury Music Prize and being named men's magazine GQ's Band of the Year, people will realise independent rock bands are becoming more successful than manufactured pop music.

He explains, "People are so sick of listening to manufactured cr*p from the likes of Pop Idol and Fame Academy. Some of the contestants can't write music and they need other people to produce their records.

"It's not about talent, it's about marketing. I think finally we're seeing a backlash and music-buyers are instead turning to some of the great up-and-coming British bands. It's an exciting time and we're just glad to be part of it."

13/09/2004 08:46