Rockers Franz Ferdinand are frustrated with their hectic touring schedule now they're professional musicians, because they have less time to record new material.

The TAKE ME OUT singers - who last month (SEP04) won Britain's prestigious Mercury Music Prize and were named band of the year by UK magazine GQ - only signed their record deal last June (03).

Drummer NICK McCARTHY says, "It's weird; this year we've turned professional and we've only practiced about three or four times!"

And frontman Alex Kapranos adds, "We're not doing what we could do at the moment. We don't have time to write as many songs as we want to, to go into the studio.

"I'd like to stop touring and go back into the studio tomorrow. But we've made commitments."

The band has just returned from a tour of America and plan to finish the year with a Japanese tour, another US tour and a special one-off show in their native Glasgow, Scotland, before starting their second album in earnest in 2005.

11/10/2004 14:22