Scottish rockers Franz Ferdinand decided to put touring on hold to focus on writing their second album - because they find more inspiration "sitting around" at home than they do jetting around the world.

Singer ALEX KAPRANOS struggles to focus on crafting a well-honed tune when he's on the road because he doesn't have time to trim down the material he composes.

He says, "I can write on the road but what's difficult is to get some perspective and do the thing which makes the songs good, which is editing them down and discarding all the bits that are rubbish."

The MATINEE star and his bandmates prefer spending time at his house in Scotland, where it is easier to mull over ideas and write successfully.

He adds, "We do that from sitting around chatting, seeing what we like and what we don't like.

"NICK (McCARTHY) and I were at the house ourselves writing a couple of songs a day. It was really, really good."

20/04/2005 21:40