Franz Ferdinand have revealed that they hired Girls Aloud's producer, BRIAN HIGGINS from XENOMANIA, to avoid repeating themselves on their next album.

In an interview with NME magazine frontman Alex Kapranos said: "We could easily make a 'Franz Ferdinand by numbers' record, but there's no point, no enjoyment in making a record like that.

"If we wanted to make a record like that we would have released it last year, that's why we've been taking our time to push ourselves."

The band have spent the past year writing tracks for their follow up to 2005's YOU COULD HAVE IT SO MUCH BETTER.

According to The Music magazine, potential songs for the new record include TURN IT ON, WHAT SHE CAME FOR and ULYSSES.

In the interview, Kapranos also expressed a liking for taking a long time to work on an album.

"Sometimes ideas evolve over a few months and what you start off from and end up with are often different and usually better than where you started," he continued.

Meanwhile, speaking to Billboard, the lead singer of the Scottish band hinted that their new album will be a "dirty pop record".

He added that the songs will make people "want to get up and dance".

21/01/2008 15:18:22