British rockers Franz Ferdinand's host of celebrity admirers leave them unfazed because their new found fame means they can see stars for who they really are.

While up and coming acts are star struck by established artists - the TAKE ME OUT stars only take on board praise from artists they respect.

Frontman ALEX KAPRANOS says, "The greatest thing about being in this position is that you get to see the people you admire for what they really are. They're not superhuman. You get some people who are... w**kers. Of course you do.

"The wider scene is identical to the smaller one we came from in Glasgow (Scotland). When I was putting on bands back home, you'd see all the different types of characters that are drawn to music - shy, extroverts, genuinely talented, full of bulls**t - and the same goes for the people who have made it."

28/07/2005 06:39