Scots rockers Franz Ferdinand may be the toast of the British music industry, but the group are still waiting to become millionaires.

Their eponymous-named album has spent most of the past 12 months in the British album top 10 charts since its February 2004 release and the band are up for a host of Brit Awards at today's (09FEB05) ceremony in London and a Grammy in America this weekend (13FEB05).

However despite their huge success, frontman Alex Kapranos admits he is still driving his 22-year-old car as they wait for their royalties to roll in.

He says, "People assume we're these really rich guys. But it takes a long time for royalties and payments to come through the system and we haven't seen much profit yet.

"I drive a Y-reg (1982-1983 registered) MERCEDES estate. I'm not into flash cars and all the trappings of fame. It cost me GBP250 and I love it.

"I still live in the same flat in the east end of Glasgow which I've had for four years. I can't see any reason to move, to be honest."

09/02/2005 03:00