Franz Ferdinand are being lined up to play the Scottish leg of a Live Aid II concert dubbed LIVE 8.

While the TAKE ME OUT rockers have ruled themselves out of the London gig due to previous commitments, they are keen to play at the Edinburgh event, which is expected to take place on 8 July (05) to coincide with the G8 summit meeting.

Lead singer ALEX KAPRANOS says, "We heard there were plans for such a concert.

"If we are asked to play and we can do it, we'll definitely play.

"It would be a fantastic opportunity to help raise awareness of world poverty."

Sir Paul McCartney, U2 and THE Rolling Stones are among the artists tipped to perform at the London LIVE 8 event in Hyde Park on 2 July.

The widely anticipated concerts aim to raise awareness of poverty in Africa as part of the MAKE POVERTY HISTORY campaign, in addition to celebrating the 20th anniversary of the original 1985 LIVE AID extravaganza.

An official announcement confirming both London and Edinburgh dates is expected next week (begs30MAY05).

26/05/2005 17:41