Scottish rockers Franz Ferdinand have turned down the chance to represent Greece at this year's (05) EUROVISION SONG CONTEST - but the offer will be open again next year (06).

The head of Greece's national TV network contacted the TAKE ME OUT sensations because lead singer ALEX KAPRONAS is half Greek, and requested they write a song to mark the competition's 50th anniversary.

A spokesperson says, "We contacted the group and asked if they would perform for us, but they are too busy. Then we asked if they could write a song.

"The Swiss are represented by a Lithuanian group this year. It is within the rules. If they cannot represent us this year, then maybe in the future?"

Kapronas, whose father is of Greek origin, is a big fan of Greek music, especially rebetiko, which is the sound of the country's gangs.

A friend says, "I believe Alex offered a rebetiko track he had already written, but that would have jarred with the oompah-oompah style of music which the competition usually picks."

24/01/2005 13:56