Scottish rockers Franz Ferdinand may be one of Britain's most successful bands, but they're still keen to save money and pick up bargains wherever they can.

And the TAKE ME OUT stars even snub swanky designer stores in favour of trawling second hand shops to keep their burgeoning bank balances intact.

Frontman ALEX KAPRANOS says, "When we're on tour, NICK (McCARTHY) and I go hunting through second hand shops, pawn brokers and markets looking for interesting stuff.

"I've been buying a lot of c**p off eBAY too. I love doing that."

And the novelty of exciting packages arriving on the doorstep far outweighs the benefits of simply getting a good deal for Kapranos.

He adds, "It means you get presents through the post, which is one of the greatest experiences known to mankind."

09/05/2005 17:15