Rising rockers Franz Ferdinand have shrugged off 'sell-out' accusations - because they're proud of the popularity of their smash hit single TAKE ME OUT.

The Scottish band - who got to number two in the British single charts with their track and have garnered rave reviews for their eponymous debut album - have found their success has drawn criticism.

However, singer Alex Kapranos counters that alternative bands like punk legends the Sex Pistols have enjoyed similar pop success.

He says, "I don't think by getting into the charts we've sold out. By playing music to lots of people? I don't think so at all.

"I think popular music should come from the leftfield, it should come from the outside. The best music comes from the edges and takes over.

"To me, the Sex Pistols getting to number one and not being able to print their name at the top of the charts, that's the best moments in pop music. THE SPECIALS getting to number one as well. Or Dexys Midnight Runners. All great pop bands.

"And that's the problem at the moment, people think that pop music has to be manufactured by these huge corporations - it doesn't.

"It should come from people's bedrooms, from the ideas of real people. That's what I'd like to see happening again,"

02/03/2004 20:59