Franz Ferdinand want to surprise fans with their second album by contrasting their trademark rock sound with dance music.

The TAKE ME OUT hitmakers, who are currently holed up in a Scottish countryside retreat recording the follow-up disc to their 2004 eponymously titled debut, aim to re-create the sound of dance songs using rock 'n' roll instruments.

And now he has found fame, lead singer Alex Kapranos is enjoying experimenting with ideas the band discussed when they were still aspiring musicians.

He says, "We always had this idea of mechanical music played by human beings.

"The idea was that we were a band that wanted to play music that seemed like it could be sequenced dance music, but by playing it as humans you could give it a completely different feel.

"I suppose we're trying to take that a little bit further, or take the human side a little bit further."

21/04/2005 09:20