Scots rockers Franz Ferdinand were given a confidence boost for their forthcoming second album, after seeing a friend madly dancing to the disc.

After initial doubts, frontman Alex Kapranos is confident their new album will be as critically acclaimed as their debut because they have worked hard not to lose their initial vision and concept.

Kapranos says, "Before we started recording it, we talked about sticking to the original ideals that put us together. One of those was basing every song around a strong rhythm and dance sensibility, while not playing electronic dance music.

"We wanted to make the blood pound through your veins yet at the same time to push it a bit further. The whole time you're doing it, you're thinking, 'This feels really good, we're moving here, but what is it going to do to anybody else?'

"Then a pal popped into the room and he was dancing around with complete abandonment. As soon as we saw that, everybody started grinning and it felt really good."

05/07/2005 09:20