Scottish rockers Franz Ferdinand drew upon R+B music while recording their second album, because they want to stand out from other guitar bands.

The TAKE ME OUT hitmakers have no intention of making an R+B record of their own - but they have instilled their new songs with the energy and creativity prevalent in modern urban music.

Frontman ALEX KAPRANOS says, "Contemporary R+B is the most novel and experimental mainstream music there is today.

"We're four skinny white guys from Glasgow - there's no way we can make a record that sounds like LIL' JON or Kanye West, but when you listen to the sound of those records, the energy, the preciseness, the inventiveness... that's inspiring.

"It's important to look outside of your immediate peers as well. The last thing that I want to listen to is four guys in a band playing guitar music. It's important that you listen to everything around you, because then you won't end up sounding like anything.

Franz Ferdinand are convinced their unique approach to recording will leave their fans searching for their influences when their eponymously-titled second disc hits shops later this year (05).

"That's our aim with the second album, to sound like nothing you've ever heard."

28/07/2005 06:39