Scottish rockers Franz Ferdinand hate the award-winning album that shot them to fame and hope they are redeemed by their second CD.

The TAKE ME OUT foursome's primary aim is to be "original and different" but their first disc, named after the band, now sounds mainstream.

Franz Ferdinand have persuaded Gorillaz producer DAN NAKAMURA to work on their currently untitled disc, which they hope will impress their disillusioned fans.

Frontman ALEX KAPRANOS says, "Now that our album sounds like a lot of other stuff that's going around at the moment, that's the last thing we want our next album to sound like. I'd hate another one.

"We've always wanted to be original and different. We won't be making an album that's a slightly watered down version of the first one. The only similarity I want here to be is for people to hear it's the same four guys."

22/10/2004 19:30