Scottish rockers Franz Ferdinand have taken up the 1970s trend of 'back-masking' - deliberately embedding subliminal messages within their songs.

The TAKE ME OUT hitmakers, who are currently mixing their new album in New York, inserted a hidden phrase within their self-titled debut album, and plan to do it again on the follow-up to please their eagerly-listening fans.

Frontman ALEX KAPRANOS says, "On the last record, we had messages in the music.

"There was that trend in the 70s and 80s of back-masking, where you'd put the most terrible satanic messages on songs, and we wanted to do the exact opposite, put the most positive thing we could think of as a backwards message.

"There's one on the first record, at the beginning of the second verse in MICHAEL, and we're going to do that on this album, too."

03/06/2005 19:50