Rockers Franz Ferdinand are so fed up with the indie music scene, they are giving up the genre altogether.
The Take Me Out hitmakers are preparing to release their third studio album Tonight: Franz Ferdinand later this month (Jan09) - four years after their last LP hit shelves.
The band has been experimenting with Jamaican dub and electronica during their hiatus - and they're convinced their new effort will stun fans.
Frontman Alex Kapranos says, "I'm bored with guitar music. When we first appeared, there weren't really any guitar bands, just formulaic pop music in the charts, but now there seems to be a degree of formulaic guitar bands around.
"That had an effect on us and we didn't want to do that and we wanted to rebel against it and that's why the record sounds the way it does. The technology we used was very different; we got into electronics and synthesisers."
The rockers even recruited hit British girl group Girls Aloud for a collaboration in a bid to branch out.
Kapranos adds: "It was interesting to see how they worked."