Scottish rockers Franz Ferdinand loved the recent South American leg of their world tour - because of the intense worship they received from fans on the continent. The TAKE ME OUT band, who are allowing ex-Big Audio Dynamite and film-maker DONN LETTS to capture the tour for a documentary, have spent the past few months touring countries such as Singapore and Australia. But they found that fans in South America treated them as if they were THE Beatles. Frontman ALEX KAPRANOS says, "South America was one of the most intense and extreme tours we've ever done. The fans over there were well up for it. There's a totally different attitude there. When they go for something, they really throw themselves into it. "We'd be driving through crowds of people in this van while they were hammering on the windscreens and the roof and clambering over the top. "It's the kind of thing you see in old footage of THE (ROLLING) STONES and The Beatles in the 1960s. You don't think it happens anymore but over there it does. "It's exciting but terrifying."