Rockers Franz Ferdinand have threatened to punch British journalists for branding them "the ultimate bland band".

The TAKE ME OUT stars are furious the media are criticising frontman ALEX KAPRANOS' humble acceptance speech, after winning this year's (04) MERCURY MUSIC PRIZE, as well as their lack of credibility and conservative musical style.

Kapranos complains, "That's quite offensive. We deliberately did something different to our contemporaries. What's conservative and cliched is the press making a soap opera out of so-called rock 'n' roll behaviour.

"That's why you get little w*nkers in bands poncing about with a bottle of JACK DANIELS thinking credibility comes from telling people to f*ck off. But hey, if that journalist wants obnoxiousness, I'll call him a f*nny and punch him in the face."

Drummer PAUL THOMSON adds, "Still, I'd like the press to wait at least until after the second album."

14/09/2004 16:55