Franz Ferdinand have completed work on their new album, which they claim has more of a dance feel than their previous work.

While no release has been finalised as yet, frontman Alex Kapranos says the new record may surprise fans of the band.

"There are different instruments on the record," he told the BBC.

"Different tempos; and different attitudes to making it, but it's always gonna sound like a Franz Ferdinand record when it’s the four of us making it."

He went on to say that the latest material does not unfold at the breakneck speed of their eponymous debut.

"The last record was fast furious and frantic, 150BPM. This one’s a bit more assured and sort of, I’d say, probably friendlier for the dance floor, it’s more like 104-105 BPM."

Elsewhere, it was recently reported that the band played the annual Glastonbury Village Fete without their drummer Paul Thomson – whose wife had gone into labour.

26/09/2008 10:32:12