Franz Ferdinand have donated their music to the UK's GREEN PARTY television broadcast because they want to bring environmental issues to the attention of voters in next month's (MAY05) British election.

The TAKE ME OUT hitmakers are too busy working on the follow-up to their award-winning debut disc to openly support the Green Party's attempt to land their first Parliamentary seat, but they were happy to allow THIS FIRE to be used as backing music on the chilling promotional film which will be shown across the UK's terrestrial networks.

The Green Party's political broadcast depicts a "nightmare vision" of the future as the full effects of pollution and global warming are felt with devastating consequences.

A spokesperson for the party says the members of Franz Ferdinand were "happy to show their support by giving us free use of the music, but they were reluctant to get drawn in because they are very busy recording at the moment".

25/04/2005 09:40