Franz Ferdinand's new tune THE FALLEN documents a fight singer Alex Kapranos had with a musician pal, who wanted a black eye as part of his stage costume.

The frontman recalls his unnamed friend begging members of Franz Ferdinand to beat him up, so he could achieve a bloodied look before a show - but, after Kapranos took his best shot, the sight of blood made him pass out.

He recalls, "I whacked him and it was like that slow-motion shot in (boxing movie) Raging Bull when (Robert De Niro's) eyebrow burst open.

"The guy's face was drenched in blood, and he was wearing a white shirt with a white tie, and there was red streaming down it.

"I took him to the first aid room, and as soon as I got him up there, I looked at his face and passed out. I'm a total wuss; I faint at the sight of blood."