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Franz Ferdinand with Support from Bob Log 111 & The Kills (Mcr Apollo 25/10/04 - Live Review

Franz Ferdinand with Support from Bob Log 111 & The Kills (Mcr Apollo 25/10/04)

Shiny blue spandex and a helmet were the first items to catch the eyes and imagination of the crowd, as the first act of the evening Tucson, Arizona's Bob Log 111 emerged from the side of the stage, like Superman out of a phone box. Inaudible vocals and bullet speed guitar riffs bedazzled and bemused the masses; with razor sharp riffs that could only otherwise be heard when Meg says to Jack White in the recording studio; "can you hurry up we have to pick our outfits up from the dry cleaners?" The one man band was as free with the fun spirit as he was with the alcoholic variety, as the set highlight 'Boobscotch' was prefixed by a Mancunian indulging Bob by flavouring his whisky with her boob, much to the delight of onlookers. The song that followed this interlude epitomized Bob's eccentricity, exuberance and harmless fun loving nature. For the first time in the evening the audience was able to make out the whole song, as Bob gave new meaning to the term mixing your drinks.

After that mixing frenzy, it was time for some calmer, but just as captivating blues rock; The Kills got their chance to whip up a storm, and create an air of mystery in the intimate theatre venue. Maybe unknown to many of the gathered crowd, or echoing as a familiar name in their minds, the duo manage to captivate those stood before them, with their dirty, often sexy blues rock guitar riffs, topped by VV’s sharp often snarled and always cutting vocals.

Steaming through “Cat Claw,” and “Black Rooster,” coupled with other old favourites from their debut album “Keep On Your Mean Side,” Hotel and VV maintain their enthralling musicianship, captivating and filling the large venue (by The Kills standards) successfully. If that is not enough, then the crowd cannot help but be

Franz Ferdinand with Support from Bob Log 111 & The Kills (Mcr Apollo 25/10/04 - Live Reviews
Franz Ferdinand with Support from Bob Log 111 & The Kills (Mcr Apollo 25/10/04 - Live Reviews
Franz Ferdinand with Support from Bob Log 111 & The Kills (Mcr Apollo 25/10/04 - Live Reviews

consumed by their on stage chemistry, with plenty of squaring up to each other, singing in sync at each other through squared up microphones, and getting teasingly close, like a playful couple. If that is not enough teasing for the crowd, then some tasters from the forthcoming album (yet untitled) must be the icing on the cake.

Tonight’s simple and scorching opening track ‘Michael’ from Glasgow’s DIY music makers; Franz Ferdinand probably did for the Mercury Prize bid of their self titled debut album what the referee did for Man United’s record breaking victory over Arsenal recently. This dark track horse track initiated heartfelt enthusiasm from the devotees that carried on throughout the main set. However, still in my mind the debate rages from the first time I saw the art pop quartet 15 months ago; the last fad or saviours of modern music? It is an immutable truth that I have not seen a venue bouncing like it did tonight since, erm? Yeah that’s it The Vines in 2002, but that fact does tend to tip the balance in favour of the skeptics and the former opinion, as does the fact that there was a sparseness of new material and, when it did materialize it was little different and slightly lower key than the existing favourites.

Ardent Franz fans will point to the reaction and growing poignany of the track that was many people’s first introduction to the group; ‘Darts Of Pleasure’ to substantiated the view that the band has longevity. This track featured Alex Kopranos’ nonsensical yet catchy German chorus and his authoritative utterance of the term; “You are the latest contender” that thundered around the venue. The pummeling percussion that lifts the haunting ‘Shopping For Blood’ was given extra punch in tonight’s encore with Bob Log111 lending his talents. The debate will rage, but most importantly 2,000 plus people had a great time, for now?

David Adair & Katherine Tomlinson