Frankie Sandford was nearly called ''Wimpy''.

The Saturdays singer's mother Vivian joked that she almost named Frankie, 25, after the fast food chain because she was craving the calorific food when she was pregnant with her.

Talking to Rickie, Melvin and Charlie on the KISS FM UK radio station's 'Breakfast Show' this morning (04.07.14), Vivian explained: ''When I had Frankie, I craved Wimpy's. I've actually got a better taste now, but yes, then it was Wimpy's, I'm afraid. With my eldest daughter, it was plums and that's why she's called Victoria.''

Rickie joked: ''Frankie, you could've been called Wimpy.''

Vivian replied: ''Well, we decided not to ... you know.''

Frankie quipped: ''Can I just say, I am a bit of a wimp.''

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty gave birth to her own son Parker, whom she has with her fiancé Wayne Bridge, 33, eight months ago and she admits losing the baby weight was a lot harder than people assume.

When asked how she's got back into shape so quickly, she explained: ''Healthy eating and loads of exercise, lots of hard work. That's what annoys me, everyone is like she snapped back into shape, and I'm like I wish I snapped back.''