Frankie Bridge gave birth while her wedding song played.

The Saturdays singer delivered her second son, Carter, via caesarean section last month and she and husband Wayne Bridge - with who she already has 23-month-old son Parker - ensured there was a meaningful soundtrack playing while the operation took place.

She said: ''The surgeon put on a very girly playlist. The first song that came on was 'Someone Like You' by Adele which is what Kevin [Clifton] and I danced to for our first ever 'Strictly' dance and then 'All of Me' by John Legend came on, which was mine and Wayne's wedding dance.

''It was really lovely that our wedding dance song was playing as I gave birth.''

Wayne was by Frankie's side throughout the procedure but he was asked to take a step back by surgeons as his attempts to film the birth meant he was ''getting in the way''.

Frankie added: ''Wayne was peering over trying to take a video.

''At one point the surgeon had to ask him to sit down because he was getting in the way.

''Wayne was great throughout the birth, he was holding my hand and telling me what was going on because I had been numbed and had no idea what was going on behind the screen.''

Parker was taken to meet his new brother the day after he was born, but showed little interest in the baby.

Frankie recalled to Britain's OK! magazine: ''He looked a bit freaked out when he saw me in the hospital bed, but to be honest he didn't really pay much attention to Carter. He was too busy running around and causing mischief.''