Frankie Bridge always has a headache when her husband Wayne Bridge wants sex.

The couple have been married for three years and have two sons Parker, three, and Carter, two, together but it's not just their kids that stop them from getting frisky between the sheets as much as they used to do it, as the footballer has admitted his spouse always complains of tiredness and pains when he wants to get up close and personal with her in the bedroom.

Speaking on the Channel 4 show 'Married to a Celebrity: The Survival Guide', Frankie said: ''Every relationship will have this same issue. Everyone is tired.''

The Saturdays singer went on to explain that remarks like ''I have a headache'' or ''I am particularly tired tonight'' tend to go ''straight in one ear and out of the other.. and [then he thinks] 'oh, it's a really good time to put the moves on' at like two in the morning.''

The 37-year-old sportsman suggested that he would book in a time for sex so that he doesn't get knocked back every time he makes a move on her during the night.

Frankie, 28, hit back: ''I don't like booking it in. I like a bit of spontaneity.''

Wayne added: ''You like spontaneity but you moan about it when I'm doing it.''

The pop star replied: ''I still want a bit of romance, but just not when I have a headache.''

To which Wayne quipped: ''You do have a lot of headaches...''

But it's not just their sex life they squabble over, as they also bicker over the brunette beauty's lack of enthusiasm when it comes to playing with Carter and Parker.

She told her spouse: ''You also have to admit that you're a kid and you love this stuff. So you can't really moan about it.''

He shot back: ''Just chip in a little bit more.''

Wayne - who also has 10-year-old son Jaydon from his relationship with Vanessa Perroncel - later admitted he isn't ready for more children with his partner ''yet'' but adding to their brood isn't something that is completely off the cards.