Frankie Muniz spends ''seven hours'' a day in back therapy for his appearances on 'Dancing With the Stars'.

The former 'Malcolm in the Middle' star is currently taking part in the celebrity dance competition, but after breaking his back almost a decade ago, Frankie admits the training sessions have been ''hurting so bad'' that he spends more time ''trying to heal'' than he does actually learning his dance moves.

He said: ''I broke my back seven, eight years ago. It is not something that I think about anymore, but it happened. It has been hurting so bad all week to where, with having to learn two dances, we have had to slow down and end early, which I hate because I want to work as hard as possible and I am scared.

''We rehearse five hours, but then I spend about seven hours literally trying to heal, doing whatever I can. I wake up in the morning and I do yoga because I need to stretch. I need to make sure I am opening everything up and I am loose, then I go to rehearsal, then I go to cryo, then I go to the physical therapist to stretch me out and adjust my hips because my hips are supposedly really crooked which I didn't know until this.''

But Frankie, 31, won't let his injury get the best of him, as he's determined to lift the mirrorball trophy at the end of the series.

He added: ''I want this more than anyone has ever wanted it. I love this. I didn't know I would.''

And despite his handicap, Frankie's professional dance partner Whitney Carson still believes the star is her ''dream partner'' to dance with.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight', she said: ''Dream partner right here. 100 percent, I don't have to tell him one thing. He just does it.''