Frankie Cocozza was turned down for a date by Jodie Marsh.

The former 'x factor' star - who also entered this year's 'Celebrity Big Brother' on Channel 5 - admits he ''f**king loves'' the former glamour girl, but she has so far spurned his romantic advances.

He said: ''I want a girlfriend, yeah. But she needs to be small with dyed red hair, piercings, tattoos and be Scouse.

''I texted Jodie to ask her out. I f**king love her. But she's having none of it. Anyway, she couldn't handle me.''

The 19-year-old lothario - who claims to have slept with nearly 100 women - is keen to settle down but has yet to meet a lady friend who can tame his wild ways.

He told Now magazine: ''It depends on how good they were in bed. I'm just being truthful. If they were unbelievable, I'd be like, 'Right, I'm seeing you again.'

''But there's been no one who's swept me off my feet yet.''