Is this news? Apparently so, 'X Factor' bad boy Frankie Cocozza has had his hair cut, which we should all be thankful for, the 18 year-old appeared to be looking greasier the more famous he became after being booted out of the singing show last year.
Thankfully Cocozza isn't really that famous, his peak might possibly have been appearing on 'Celebrity Big Brother' but that was a while ago now and it doesn't seem like the teenager is up to anything really worthwhile.
The UK's Daily Mirror reports that Jamie Stevens, apparently the resident stylist on 'X Factor', live tweeted the haircut. "I'm going to be giving FrankieCocozza a new restyle today. The mop is going. I'll be tweeting live picts later as it happens. From 530 x". Following that he tweeted "Getting a lot of abusive messages about frankiesgettinghishaircutoff. Chill, he is in gd hands. I'm men's British hairdresser of the yr!!" So how's he looking after all that? Yeah, alright really, with a seemingly shaven back and sides and then a huge fringe styled upwards. The kid's looking good, if only he had some place to be.