Frankie Boyle has angered fans by joking he wishes Britain's Queen Elizabeth would die.

The outspoken funnyman shocked the audience at the 'Give It Up for Comic Relief' concert at London's Wembley Arena last night (06.03.13) after he made his offensive comments about the beloved monarch.

Referring to the Queen's recent hospital visit for a bout of gastroenteritis, he said: ''I wish the queen had died the night before the Royal Jubilee - I wish she'd just f***ing died.

''But they wouldn't have been able to tell us that she'd died. They would have had to hollow out her body and get that guy who plays Gollum to wear it.''

He continued to offend onlookers by claiming he was father to The Duchess of Cambridge's unborn baby and talked about her breasts being ''s**''.

He said: ''I was amazed to hear Kate ever got pregnant in the first place. She told me she was on the f***ing pill. I don't know what the fuss was about the pictures of Kate's t*ts.

''Anyway, in my paper I have to flick past pictures of good t*ts to read about her s**t ones.''

Due to the hour-long delay of the show on BBC Three, editors cut out the entire five-minute set Frankie performed.

Other offensive comments made by the controversial comedian included unpleasant remarks about the pope, Jimmy Savile and murder-charged Paralympian Oscar Pistorius.