German actress Franka Potente is upset her screen time in sequel THE BOURNE SUPREMACY has been dramatically cut.

The 30-year-old actress played a pivotal part in 2002's THE BOURNE IDENTITY and wishes her role in the follow-up was more substantial.

Potente says, "I was cool with it. What can you do? I think it's a mistake, OK?

"But, hey, we'll see. I hope everybody leaves the movie theatres at...let's just say a particularly fateful moment. Sorry, it's not diplomatic at all."

Wishing her character MARIE was more empowered, Potente says, "I could have imagined her just a little more kick a**, instead of just accepting."

Of clashing with The Bourne Supremacy director Paul Greengrass, she adds, "I had different ideas of how we - how do I phrase this? - how we kind of lose sight of her.

"But the director, he's really good, and he fought me on it. So, in the end, the better argument wins, I guess."

26/07/2004 17:45