Actress Franka Potente vows she will never leave her native Germany because Hollywood fails to fulfil her "needs".

The Bourne Identity beauty, 30, is determined in her quest to garner a long and successful movie career in Los Angeles, but relies on Berlin to keep her grounded and in touch with her roots.

She says, "I've spent time in LA and New York, but more than anything, it made me realise how rooted I am in Germany - it's where my longings and needs are fulfilled."

And she admits possessing an accent in Los Angeles guarantees she'll always attract attention.

Potente adds, "It's strange, people in LA are from everywhere. And they love accents - 'Oh, that's so cute,' they say. But to cast a European actor still seems quite courageous. I try not to lose my accent because I feel more wooden and restricted without it."

15/11/2004 14:27