Frank Zappa's son AHMET has been hired to run Disney's Kingdom Comics after movie studio executives previously bought the rights to a graphic novel he started writing when he was just 12.
Disney now owns the movie rights to The Monstrous Memoirs of a Mighty MCFearless, which was published in 2006 - and the deal has led to much bigger things for Zappa.
He says, "The Mouse (Disney) won't let me say just yet what exactly we've got up our sleeves, but I can promise you... it's gonna rock."
Zappa, who was previously married to Hellboy star Selma Blair, reveals he became devoted to comics as a child because they helped him get to grips with dyslexia.
He tells Royal Flush magazine, "Comics first got me reading... I fell in love with the pictures and the stories.
"I designed MCFearless for dyslexics like myself with tons of images, to really engage the reader on every page and make the reader want to know how these images connect. I actually drew 300 monsters for that purpose."