Frank Sinatra was determined to persuade Tom Jones to follow in his footsteps as a jazz singer, even though the Welsh crooner was keen to embark on a career in rock.

The late Guys and Dolls legend struck up a friendship with Jones, who was also a pal of rock 'n' roll star Elvis Presley at the time, and Jones found himself torn between the two influences.

He recalls, "Frank Sinatra was a great man. He was as big in his field of standards as Elvis Presley was in rock 'n' roll.

"His character was as big as Elvis's and they were very similar, even though they were miles apart musically.

"The funny thing was Sinatra was trying to get me to do more of the sort of thing he did.

"I did an album of standards and Elvis said to me, 'No we don't do that, we leave that to Frank.'

"Elvis saw me one way and Sinatra saw me another."

27/05/2005 09:07